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Jake Bugg – Toronto

in the fall of 2012 i heard a song on itunes and my immediate reaction was, “WHO IS THIS?!!!!”

i had just discovered Jake Bugg and i couldn’t have been more excited. i downloaded his entire debut self-titled album on the spot and there isn’t one song that disappoints. it became a staple on my “favourites” playlist (and remains there till this day), along with his 2013 follow-up album Shangri La.

his voice and sound is reminiscent of another era of music. if somebody had told me that he his albums were recorded in the 1960s i would have believed them. the production is stripped down, proving all you need is a great voice and great song-writing to create magic. although you can hear the many influences of artists before his time, he is still an original. a month and a half shy of 20 years old, he truly is an old soul…and an insanely talented one at that.

with his mop of hair, his full lips and laid back presence on stage (and off), it’s easy to see why he is so popular with the young ladies (i do believe  a few screaming 14-year-olds were to blame for my the post-concert ringing in my ears), but to the music lovers of the world he is a breath of fresh air. it gives me hope to think that he will influence those young girls to start listening the music their parents and grandparents grew up with.

on Tuesday January 14, 2014 i was lucky to photograph him in the intimate studios of 102.1 The Edge as well as the Toronto concert at Sound Academy. he is soft and steady on the ballads (Broken will crush even the hardest of hearts) while showcasing his major guitar prowess on the the upbeat t


racks (Slumville Sunrise - his current single).

it was my pleasure to meet and photograph such a talent. i know there are only amazing things in his future and i look forward to witnessing his career sky-rocket.




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Farewell Scout

this past June 10 was a huge milestone for Marianne’s gentle and dignified lady lab, Scout…she reached her 13th birthday! pretty amazing for a dog that was given a diagnosis 4 years earlier that she wouldn’t survive a few more months.

over their 13 and a half years together, Marianne and Scout grew their pack to include: one man, three kids and two more dogs (forming the perfect trio of labs).

i had the pleasure of meeting all of them in the fall of 2012 and was lucky enough to have spent time with them again this fall to capture their 2013 holiday card. always a pleasure to spend time with their vivacious and loving family.

sadly on Monday December 16, Scout passed away peacefully at home with her family and lab sisters at her side, nuzzling her muzzle for one last time.

my heart goes out to you, Marianne and your beautiful family. Scout was the luckiest of dogs…not only to be loved, but to be understood down to her very soul by you. thank you for allowing me to share your beautiful and befitting tribute (below) to your lovely Scout:

“Tonight, I said goodbye to my first dog, Scout; one of my best and most loyal friends.


puppy Scout. courtesy of Marianne Policelli, 2000.

Thirteen and a half years ago, the woman who owned Scout’s mother placed a big, brown puppy in my arms and said, “Your life will never be the same.”

Scout was a ‘tomboy’. She could never be a “Molly” or a “Daisy”, so I named her for my favourite tomboy in literature. Thanks, Harper Lee.

Scout was highly intuitive, and deeply loving. When we lived on Vancouver Island, we visited a seniors’ home in Sidney. We did this every Tuesday for “Snuggle a Pet Day”, as Scout and Summer were registered therapy dogs in B.C. The other doggies were shih tzus, bichons and poodles; small, sweet and hypo-allergenic. Scout seemed out-of-place: a gentle bear among wee lambs.

The residents loved her. They’d say, “Hi, Scout!” Every week, one or more of them would invariably turn to me and say, “And, what’s your name, dear?”, even though I’d been visiting with the lab duo for half a year. It still makes me chuckle.

One day, I took Scout alone. I noticed a man, sitting well outside the circle of ‘regulars’. He was frail and small, hunched over in his chair, his head parallel to the floor. He didn’t seem to want to be part of the goings-on, so I stayed clear. But Scout would have none of that. She tugged me toward him. She rarely pulled on leash, and I had to pull her back. She yanked harder, and won. I hastily prepared an apology, but she plunked her anvil head down on the man’s lap. He took it in his frail hands, and stroked her muzzle. “Ahh, yes,” he said, “Finally. A REAL dog.” As an avid hunter and angler, Laurence had owned many ‘bird dogs’ in his life, he told me, and the thing he missed most about living in “a home” was not being able to have a dog. He wasn’t fond of small dogs. He’d seen me on other Tuesdays with my labs, and hoped he could meet Scout, who reminded him of one of his favourite dogs. We visited Laurence every week after that, until the dogs and I returned to Ontario in ’04.

Scout was a stubborn Alpha bitch, a food fanatic, and a lovely old soul.

She adored people, her pack, and (hopefully) her life with me, Stefano, and the raft of little kids that followed.

I took her for a drive on Monday evening, past dusk…just the two of us, like in the early days, and i pulled over on a street full of Christmas lights…i asked her, “What should I do, Scoutie? What should i do for you?  Tell me, Scoutie.”… and she leaned wayyyy over and licked my chin and looked at me with so much pain in her eyes…she told me…i listened.

 The vet came to our house..Scout passed away with all of us around her, lots of love and tears. Summer and Snooker (her sister labs) actually came over and nuzzled her muzzle one at a time after she died…it was a wildlife (elephant-like) moment i will never forget.

It gives me peace to say that Scout died as she lived: gently, quietly and with dignity. We laid her to rest on Tuesday morning in my country garden.

Run free, my girl. You have many friends where you’re going. I’ll meet you there, one day, with cookies.”

~ Marianne

(Scout and family photographed at home on October 26, 2012)



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  • December 23, 2013 - 12:27 pm

    terri - Absolutely beautiful, both in pictures and in words. It’s hard to find words to express one’s sorrow over the loss of a beloved fur baby, but pictures can express the deep,abiding love we have for them. I am so sorry for your loss, but am glad that you had 13 beautiful years together!

Holiday Pet Portrait Event – Toronto

Join me at PET VALU LAIRD on Saturday November 30, 2013 from 11am-3pm for a Holiday Portrait Event!

The sitting is complimentary as well as a 5×7 print, courtesy of PET VALU LAIRD. upgrade to an 8×10 with a donation towards the animal rescue of choice (TBA).

Multiple prints and other sizes available for purchase. CASH ONLY PLEASE.

We will have a tickle trunk of festive collars and hats available, but feel free to bring your dog’s own attire. (we promise we won’t torture those who prefer to go au naturel.)

The sittings are first-come-first served, so please bring your patience and fun-loving attitude. we’re going to have a fantastic time!

It’s a good idea to give your dogs lots of exercise before you come to the event.

If you are bringing a cat or a smaller animal, please bring them in a protective carrier so they will feel safe.

HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE and please FEEL FREE TO SHARE this link with your friends!

(click here to share the event from Facebook)





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Pet Portrait Event – Toronto

VetsToronto is celebrating their 24/7 Emergency clinic, as well as hosting a fundraiser for the Beech Street cats & kittens that they are taking care of (along with Toronto Animal Services – South Region).

if you’re not familiar with the Beech street cats and kittens, you can check out their continuing story in the Toronto news.

Toronto Star article

CityTV News video

CTV News video

Marcia will be at the clinic (1025 Kingston Road, Toronto) from 12pm – 3:00pm this Sunday September 29, 2013 taking complimentary pet portraits. (MAP HERE)

stop by and receive a complimentary sitting and a 5×7 print of your pet. upgrade your print to a larger size and proceeds will go towards the care and surgeries of all 42 and counting Beech Street cats now in care.

8×10 are $25.00 and 11×14 $35.00 (less than 50% regular pricing). cash only please.

there will also be  giveaways, entertainment, food, surprise guests and a meet and greet with Dr. Samson and Dr. Mitelman.

hope to see you there and please share this post with your friends! you can also share on Facebook here.





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  • September 25, 2013 - 10:00 am

    Laura - Hi Marcia, Just curious if you want folks to RSVP for this or just drop by? I’m totally planning to bring Mr. Smithers in to sit for a portrait!

The Ginger Gang – TIFF ’13

ever since i was a child, i have loved the movies. i aspired to work in them when i grew up…and in another lifetime (also known as my 20s), i did just that. before working in the movies, i volunteered at The Toronto International Film Festival, known simply as TIFF. over the years i have fallen out of the film community circle, but every year when the glamorous side of film takes over our city, i like to enjoy the energy that TIFF brings.

over the weekend i took Tichka and Little Dude with me downtown Toronto, where we wandered around the TIFF zone. while they may not have a multimillion dollar three-picture studio deal, they are the biggest stars in my eyes.


yes, this is the actual red carpet at Roy Thompson Hall that Jennifer Aniston, Tim Robbins, the cast and filmmakers behind ‘Life of Crime’ walked the night before


right outside one of the main TIFF venues…the beautiful Roy Thompson Hall.


i think they were a little sad that they missed all of the red carpet excitement.


the glitzy marquee of the historical Royal Alex Theatre, right across the street from Roy Thompson Hall.     


in front of the TIFF box office. 


on the west side of the TIFF Lightbox building. 


they are not fans of being in the queue. not that i can blame them…neither am i.


but we scored first in line for the rush line for the next film…woot!


thanks to Visa and Pixperience, we had this portrait taken (i couldn’t stop giggling). apparently they were the only dogs all festival. 


thanks again TIFF…see you again next year!

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